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Chrysalis’ first annual fundraising event, Believe, will be held on November 3rd at The Hotel Valley Ho. When you give to Chrysalis at Believe, you’re telling victims of domestic violence that you believe them – that you believe in the value of their lives and their futures. You’re giving them hope, reminding them what it feels like to believe in themselves. And you’re telling our whole community that you believe in the work that Chrysalis is doing and the importance of breaking the cycle of abuse.



Hotel Valley Ho

Scottsdale, Arizona

5:00pm Join us for cocktails. Hors d’oeuvres, raffle, and more.

6:30pm Hear from Chrysalis, enjoy dinner, begin live auction and dancing.


This year’s event is hosted by Cesar Cramton and his mother Theresa Warford. Cesar is the president of Genuine Concepts and a past Chrysalis Board Chair. He grew up in an abusive household where he had no vision of what happiness looked like, where his mother had no outside support to help them escape their abuser. It was only Theresa’s strength that allowed them to escape with their lives. That’s why they believe so deeply in Chrysalis and the work we do. Because everyone deserves the chance to hope again.